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Brother, have you got a dime?

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I hope this message is finding everyone well and in good spirits!  I hope the Lord is blessing you in every which way that He can and will do.  I am sitting here, in my living room just chilling and waiting for Rick to get off of work so we can go to the grocery store and spend money we don’t have.  I get irritated, because it seems as though we never have extra cash to do things like our friends.  Our friends are always going on vacations, living in nice houses, have new cars, and always going out to eat.  We basically live in a house, that an awesome couple is letting us live rent free, with just enough money to pay bills and maybe get gas for the car.  A trip to McDonald’s or some other cheap place would be awesome once in a while!  I sometimes feel as though we are always going to be stuck, in this spot, with a old, dirty car, with bald tires, and over 300,000 miles on it.  I feel as though we will never be able to afford to move and pay rent, or house payment, like normal people.  We might get to take a trip to King’s Dominion, or even the beach, for one day, but not the dream vacation that I long for.  I would love to spend another week in Disney, but if that happens, it would call for a straight up miracle! 

All of the above is true about me, but one thing..I do not long for any of these things.  Sure, it would be nice and happy to have new clothes, a trip, new car, bills paid, and a trip to Olive Garden, but these things are not what is necessary for me and my family to live.  The Lord has provided us with our needs and He provides when we need them.  He has not gone one day without providing something that we really have to have…take today, for example, I had a little under $100.00 in my bank account, and I knew I had to pay the water bill, because it was already a day late.  I fretted and dreaded going to pay it, because I knew that meant there would be a balance of only 67.00, once the transaction was complete.  I prayed to the Lord and asked Him, “where is the money for gas and groceries?  I can get one or the other for the week.”  I asked Him to help give me answers, not hand outs. ( I believe that when we need something we should not always ask for a hand out, but for a way to get that need met.)  Within an hour, I had my answers!  We got some extra money from a company that owed it to us, and Rick gets paid for some yard work that he did over the week.  For a grand total of 157.70, which will pay for groceries, gas, and maybe a trip for something special! 

The Lord promises that He won’t let His children do without, if we believe, pray, and trust in Him.  He says we are much more important that the animals that are living, and He provides for them! 

I am amazed how He does what He does!  I am free to believe that He is a God of provision and supplication! He won’t let us down, and He won’t let you down..just pray and believe..



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